already did a and f so!!!

  • B:Favorite Series of all time?

i have a large appreciation for the legend of zelda series like large Large but i personally enjoy the tales of series more :0

  • C:Least Favorite Game of all time?

*sweats* ummm i dont know what to say so im going to say tales of phantasia for the iphone because they tried to make it hell so you buy money *me crying* but i love tales of phantasia

  • D:Favorite Soundtrack?

journey *glows*

  • E:Favorite Sequel?

uuumm… i dont know many sequels so….. sonic adventure 2? *sweat*

tfw no ao ( the meme with videogames )

T: Best game memory?

when i went to see loki we played tales of symphonia for a bit and we kept yelling and loki kept trying to tank as genis ovo

F: Biggest Let down?

story mode and cutscenes being taken from ssb4 bc cutscenes were online like literally everyone other game in existance’s cutscenes

W: Any games you regret getting rid of?

i dont throw away games

N: Favorite protagonist?

lloyd from tales of symphonia B)

O: Favorite antagonist?

(whispers) clive *i continue to cry* also the masked man….

A: Favorite Game of all time?

earthbound and mother 3!!! i love the mother games iwth a passion. also the tales of games probably but i havent finished them yet so im not sure?

and i already did o so >w>


ぎゅいーん by ネズ

*permission from the artist to repost this image was granted*


A very literal Klefki gijinka I just imagined. One of my fav mons from this 6th gen ♥

I always imagined him as a creepy little kid







by ccccct


ILLUMINATION -- Max Patch Mountain, NC (by Light of the Wild)

Storm light paints one ridge in sun while the rest of the area stays in the shade. The details in the sky are actually more mountain ridges obscured by a snowstorm.

why this,