I'm really proud of you!!!

ahhhh thank you!!!!! ;♢;


I’m opening commissions for the first time!

Here are the conditions for it

  • I don’t draw furries ( sorry, I am just not confident enough to sell those ) ( Note: In the categories furries I include ponies as well )
  • I can refuse a commission if I feel unable to do them for you (example complicated scenarios)
  • All the price are CAD ( I’m Canadian, so I need Canadian money )
  • Send the request by fanmail so I can have easy access to it and that I can save it for proof
  • I do not send physical copies of the art I make, only digital
  • I only accept payment via paypal
  • I will give the link and the paypal address only to commissioners.
  • I ask half of the money before starting and half when it’s done

Thank you very much

finally someone on my dash didnt like the sock vine instead of reblog it as something funny….


me: *looks at ocs i made 4 years ago*

me: we can rebuild them. we have the technology


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